Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Updated (18/05/2023)

KandyToys Ltd are committed to ensuring that any business undertakings are conducted as ethically and environmentally as possible by following the below policy.

Who we are and what we do

KandyToys Ltd is the UK's leading importer of Toys, Beach Goods, Pools and Gifts. We have been established over 40 years sourcing and developing competitively priced quality products and work in close partnership with our key manufacturing partners across the globe, thus enabling us to offer an unrivalled service to our valued customers.

We supply a whole spectrum of customers from large retail chains to small independent shops, we pride ourselves on being focussed on ensuring that we offer not just the most competitive prices available but more importantly we make sure we deliver and back up our ranges with physical stock at all times.

Looking after Employees

We value our employees and what they bring to our company which is why we:

  • Are an equal opportunities employer and are committed to the principle of equality regardless of race, colour, ethnic or national origin, religious belief, political opinion or affiliation, sex, marital status, sexual orientation, gender reassignment, age or disability.
  • Give our staff regular appraisals and training to continue to develop their skills.
  • Provide a Health & Safety handbook with regular refreshers, e.g. Manual handing courses, to ensure all of our staff are work in a safe manner at all times.
  • Ensure our staff receive pay reviews to maintain competitive rates.

Looking after Customers

Our customers are very important to us and we strive to maintain a positive and lasting impression on all of them by:

  • Our sales reps communicate with all of our customers on a regular basis to assist with any query or issue they may have and to keep them updated with our exciting new products introduced in our range.
  • We work closely with our customers for all bespoke orders to ensure their special requests are to the standards they are looking for.
  • Our customer services department deal with end consumer issues with the goal to resolve all issues that may arise from them and keep them satisfied customers.

Community Engagement

As a business, we feel strongly on engaging and supporting our community by actively employing staff from the local area.

We have an onsite showroom displaying our vast range of products where our customers are invited to visit us, the freshly prepared food we offer at these meetings are from our local farm shop.

Our charity work includes:

  • Our board of directors give regular yearly monetary donations to their own chosen charities.
  • We donate our Christmas card allowance to varying charities each year.
  • Extensively working with Barnardo’s children’s charity.
  • We sponsor local children’s football teams.

Product Safety

Our Safety Policy is in place to ensure all of the products we sell are safe and comply with all regulations. Key points of our Safety Policy are;

  • Primary Authority partner with Trading Standards.
  • Member of the British Standards Institution (BSI) including subscription to BSI’s technical Knowledge Centre.
  • SEDEX member.
  • We use SEDEX approved independent quality inspection providers globally to maintain rigorous high standards.
  • Continual monitoring of product safety documentation to ensure ongoing compliance.
  • All of our toys comply with The Toys (Safety) Regulations 2011 and are tested by independent testing laboratories.
  • Every item received is rigorously inspected by our quality control team to ensure the product is safe before being sold to customers.

Together with independent inspections, our buying team conduct inspections of suppliers premises and ensure our ethical / health and safety and employment standards meet with our company policies.

Anti-Slavery & Human Trafficking Statement

KandyToys Ltd is one of the leading importers of toys, beach goods, pools and gifts in the UK operating from our premises in Exeter, UK. Our products are sourced from a wide range of suppliers in Asia, Europe and here in the United Kingdom.

We are committed to ensuring there is no modern slavery or human trafficking in any of our supply chains. Such acts are a violation of human rights and KandyToys Ltd continually monitor the supply chain to ensure that our company’s zero tolerance policy is adhered to and we expect all of our suppliers to conduct their business with the same commitment and values toward ethical business practices as KandyToys Ltd.

KandyToys Ltd and its suppliers;

  • Will not use forced or compulsory labour, i.e. any work or service that a worker performs involuntarily, under threat of penalty.
  • Will ensure that the overall terms of employment are voluntary.
  • Will not hold passports of migrant workers.
  • Will not pay fees to agents other than reputable temp worker agencies where there is an opportunity for workers to engage in temporary to permanent employment.
  • Will comply with the minimum age requirements prescribed by applicable laws unless a specific contract contains stricter age requirements.
  • Will compensate its workers with wages and benefits that meet or exceed the legally required minimum and will comply with overtime pay agreements.
  • Will abide by applicable law concerning the maximum hours of labour – such as the provisions of Working time Regulations 1998 or other applicable laws.
  • Will keep records of, and be entirely transparent in complying with the above.
  • Encourage whistleblowing whenever there is a suspicion of activity that would be in breach of any of these points or that contravenes our company values.
  • Suppliers of KandyToys Ltd who engage in human trafficking and slavery will have their supply agreements terminated. Suppliers must be able to demonstrate compliance with this policy at the request and satisfactions of KandyToys Ltd. If a supplier is found to be in violation of this policy statement, KandyToys Ltd will take prompt, remedial measures to address the violation including but not limited to termination of the business relationship and involvement of legal authority(s).

This policy statement is made in pursuant to section 54(1) of the Modern Slavery Act 2015

Anti-corruption and Anti-bribery Policy

KandyToys Ltd prohibit any form of bribery or corruption. We require compliance from everyone connected with our business with the highest ethical standards and anti-bribery laws applicable. Integrity and transparency are of utmost importance. We have a zero tolerance attitude towards corrupt activities of any kind, whether committed by employees or by third parties acting for or on behalf of the Company.

Data Protection

KandyToys Ltd understands the importance of privacy and the safekeeping of the information provided to us, and conducts its business ethically and in compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 (“GDPR”)

Protecting the Environment

Consumers are very aware of the environmental benefits of recycling waste and reducing landfill usage. We are actively looking at new ways to improve the packaging of our products to more recyclable options and reduce the use of single use plastic packaging. With the introduction of the Plastic Packaging Tax, we are reviewing all of our products that fall under this regulation to discuss with our suppliers on implementing more environmentally friendly packaging.

All of our products containing batteries are marked with the Wheelie bin symbol to ensure these are not disposed with other household waste and to be disposed of safely and responsibly to prevent any harmful effects to people or the environment.

We have partnered with COMPLY in the UK to help manage our obligations under the Waste Packaging Regulations, WEEE & Battery compliance for all applicable electrical products placed on the market.

As a company, we have implemented several ways that we can help to protect the environment;

  • All of the waste cardboard that is produced in our warehouse is collected and recycled by DCW.
  • Our company cars are all either fully electric or electric hybrid vehicles to help cut emissions when travelling across the country to our customers and events.
  • The forklifts used are also fully electric to reduce harmful emissions to the environment
  • We have a cycle to work scheme to encourage our staff who live locally to cycle to work instead of driving.
  • We have significantly reduced the amount of unnecessary paper through more use and communication via electronic documents.
  • We collaborate with our suppliers to reduce carbon footprint in the manufacturing of our products wherever possible which involves exploring recyclable materials to use in the manufacturing process.
  • We monitor our water and energy usage and our warehouse is fitted with motion activated lights to prevent wasted energy use.
  • Our warehouse makes use of solar panels on its roof to contribute towards a greener source of energy.

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